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Discover the Proven System to Turn Your Knowledge and Passion Into a Wildly Profitable Online Coaching or Consulting Business
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  7 Weeks of Accelerated Training

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This is your path to build a purposeful online business with a thriving income and lifestyle!

Inside the Experts Business Accelerator (EBA) you'll find the exact system you need to build and scale a thriving coaching and consulting business to finally create the business you’ve dreamed could be yours. You’ll experience what it’s like to follow a step-by-step plan to create a job where you can live your passion, every day. 

EBA will give you a road-map, teaching you the ins-and-outs of creating your own online coaching business, from scratch. Even if you've only a few hours a week to spare, this program will give you the support you need to succeed. Guiding you through everything from creating your first product to finding your first customers, securing $1,000-$4,000 for every new client you sign up, every single month. 

Enjoy the benefit of following a complete system for creating a winning coaching business, building on the practical approach followed as we grew Success Insider to generate over 7 figures online and reach the lives of over 40 million people around the world. It’s not theory or hypotheticals you will discover inside. 

You will be taught by Tim Han the Founder and CEO of Success Insider as you learn the exact systems, blueprints and methodologies we use in our business today. EBA is a breakthrough program that is truly one-of-a-kind. 

In a few short months, you will be at the head of a wildly successful 6-figure coaching business, giving you the freedom to live life on your own terms. This is your ticket to financial freedom, and there’s nothing else out there quite like it. 

Once you sign up, you'll get immediate access to the entire course materials, and also gain exclusive access to our private online community where you can network and share with other students on the same path as you.

It’s time to turn your calling into a career. 

  500+ Successful Graduates

  12+ Years of Research

Do You Ever Feel Stuck, Unable to Achieve the Life You So Desperately Want? 

You're feeling confused, overwhelmed or indecisive - and right now you’re lacking clarity on who you are, what you really want, and the right steps you can follow to get yourself back on track... 

You’re scared life is slipping by - as you’re weighed down by fears and doubts that drain your energy, your enthusiasm, and your feelings of overwhelm only lead to more procrastination...

You’re struggling with various forms of self-sabotage - you feel like you're in a car with one foot on the accelerator and one foot on the brake. It feels like there's an invisible force slowing you down.

If any of these ring true for you, you've got to unblock yourself from what's really holding you back.

Want to know the real reason you’re stuck?

You’ve developed subconscious limiting beliefs from the past traumatic events you've experienced. You’ve conditioned yourself to this sub-par reality. In doing so, you’ve become the one who is holding you back from reaching the true levels of success you were born to reach.

The challenge in dissolving these toxic limiting beliefs, is that it’s almost impossible to do alone. Otherwise, everyone who has ever read a self-help book or watched a YouTube video would have already created real results and lasting change in their life. 

Using the latest innovations in psychology and cutting-edge neuroscience, it’s never been easier to reprogram your mind, so your thoughts, patterns, and habits can work in your favor instead of against you.

  2521+ Successful Graduates

  12+ Years of Research

Outline & Curriculum

Here’s What Your 7 Week Breakthrough Mentorship Will Look Like…

Start Living The Life You Know You Deserve

The most potent training course to start selling your knowledge and expertise as a wildly profitable business!

  • Proven System: You will enjoy exclusive access to a proven blueprint for an incredibly profitable online coaching business, with complete steps teaching you how to turn your passion into a revenue-generating machine. Designed with your best interests in mind, we’ve made it as easy as possible for students to complete the lessons on their own time, whenever is most convenient, so you’re in full control as you work through each of the steps.
  • ​Action-Focused Support: Tap into the power of a community of brothers and sisters who, quite literally, will not let you fail. Our team of experts will have your back, every step of the way and your personal accountability partner who will ensure you not only remain consistent as you build your business but help push you through things you previously thought impossible.
  • ​Reprogram Your Mindset: With the right program, your coaching business can be up and running in just 8 short weeks. Leveraging your specialized talents and abilities into a business that works for you and putting you on track to hit revenue levels that take years to achieve in a corporate job. Imagine the kind of change this would create in your life.
  • ​World Class Community: EBA is the single best program for becoming a wildly successful online coach, and one that you don't need to do alone. Once you’ve given a platform to share your message and the ability to change people’s lives, you’ll be surrounded by a high-achieving group of peers who will help you fast-track your business to real success.

Week ①

How To Find Your Perfect Dream Customers & Build Your Dream Business

Highlights of this week:

  •  Find Customers Who Are Looking For You: How to find your "dream clients" who are more than willing to pay $2,000 to $4,000 from day one, even if you're new or lacking experience
  • Get Instant Clarity: Work closely with our team to ensure you're not only confident in your abilities, but you're sure the clients you're targeting are perfectly matched to your unique skills, expertise, and product offer.
  • Create a Smart Business Plan: Setting a crystal-clear vision for the future of your business, and put you on a path to start actually moving forward.

Week ②

How To Reach Your Dream Customers For Free Using Social Media

Highlights of this week:

  • Master social media: Learn the approach you need on key social networks to not only support your personal branding but also attract your first paying clients.
  • ​Save time with winning templates: Don't waste time re-inventing the wheel, quickly understand what you need to be posting to build relationships and make sales.
  • ​Sneak-peek into what actually works: Discover the exact steps used to generate 10 million views on Facebook and 30 million views on YouTube for FREE.

Week ③

How To Package Your Offer & Sell For High Prices Online

Highlights of this week:

  • Become a relationship-based seller: Learn how to position and talk to prospects to close more deals without being pushy or using underhanded sales tactics.
  • Communicate with the right timing: How to create moments of opportunity to introduce your coaching program, and explain it, even if you're terrible at selling.
  • Make money a non-issue: Get comfortable talking about money and your fees, so you're confident, no matter how high your prices are.
  • Scripts done for you: See the exact scripts used to generate a 6-figure business, with every question you should be asking a potential client (super POWERFUL).

Week ④

How To Easily Build Your 6 Figure Website & Automation System

Highlights of this week:

  • Create your website in a week: Step-by-step instructions to help you write, set up and get your website operational as fast as possible, even if you're not technically minded.
  • ​You'll have your site live in under 7 days: Generate recurring digital sales. Discover how to attract your dream clients to your website, with the funnels and conversion strategies that will generate an income for you while you're sleeping, or still chained to your 9 to 5 job.

Week ⑤

How To Rapidly Grow Your Income Using Facebook Ads

Highlights of this week:

  • Facebook ads explained and simplified: Take your social media domination to a new level with a strategy for scaling with Facebook ads. (See every step of a process that generated over $1.9 million in different markets).
  • Consistent lead generation tactics: Specific strategies you can implement to drive a constant flow of potential dream clients every month of the year.
  • ​Clear vision and goal setting: So, you know exactly what you need to do to make the level of income you want to achieve, every month.

Week ⑥

How To Build Your Ultimate Course And Generate Cashflow For Life

Highlights of this week:

  • Creating customer champions: The power of setting clear expectations with your clients, the right way to manage the relationship, and what you need to do to ensure you always deliver fantastic service.
  • Locking in your long-term revenue: Discover the "H2H" up-serving method which ensures your current clients will be happily paying you for many years to come.
  • Regain control of your life: Strategies to restructure and redefine your business, so you're not stuck "working" every day, for the rest of your life. 

Week ⑦

How To Predictability Scale Your Business To 6 Figures And Beyond Using Webinars

Highlights of this week:

  • This is one of the MOST important classes in the program: As you'll discover the proven blueprint to scale your business with predictability using systems, automation and scientific metrics.
  • Certification Ceremony: Provided you pass the final test, you'll be certified as an expert online marketer for coaches & consultants. Leaving you with one of the most in-demand skills in the world.

Here's What You'll Get If You're Accepted On Board The EBA Program:  

LIFETIME Access to the Proven 7-Week EBA Program

Complete and lifetime access to the EBA Program, where you'll find a blueprint to becoming a highly successful online coach. Get the guidance you need to create a WINNING coaching business and get yourself free of that job you hate. Don't miss this opportunity to escape corporate life and regain a little freedom. You'll be so very glad you did.

Free Bonus #1

LIFETIME Access To The EBA Mastermind Group

Join a private and highly-active online group to help you stay accountable and give you feedback on every step of your journey. Available 24/7 this is the entrepreneurial group you've been missing, the most ambitious and supportive people on the planet.

Free Bonus #2

LIFETIME Access To The EBA Programme With Free Updates

Enjoy the benefits of an ongoing commitment to personal development, as our team has already invested over $100,000 in online education (and continues to do so every year), to keep every EBA module current and updated with the latest hacks and tactics to succeed.

Free Bonus #3

60 Minute 1:1 Sales & Closing Accelerator Coaching Session With Alice Han

Discover how to better close every prospect you speak to, with an exclusive training session from Alice Han on sales mastery. You'll get an inside look at the techniques you can use to rapidly build rapport and close a deal, without any underhanded or sleazy sales moves.


Experts Business Accelerator™ (EBA) Program

*If you miss out on applying today, you may not get this chance again

About Your Mentor

Tim Han, Founder of Success Insider

Tim Han is a world-renowned coach, human behavior expert, author, entrepreneur, and international speaker. He is the founder of Success Insider, the fastest growing personal development YouTube channel globally in 2016. More than 40,000,000 people have watched his videos in the last several years, and millions watch his videos online every month due to the channel's viral growth. 

But while this is where he is now, Tim started from humble beginnings (on the opposite side of the success ladder). 

At the age of 17, Tim was stuck in a dead-end job cleaning toilets. Addicted to drugs and involved with crime - but when his mum took him on a long, thought-provoking walk and reminded him of his father, who ran away when Tim was just two, he finally faced his awakening in life. At this moment, Tim realized the path he was on, and began to focus on contribution and serving others. He took charge of his life by understanding that complete reinvention from the inside out was not optional, it was mandatory.

By the age of 26, Tim had mastered his psychology. He built multiple online businesses that allowed him to create personal freedom, not only for himself but also for his loved ones.

By realizing what was possible from his own personal breakthrough, Tim was inspired to pay his message forward. This lead him to create Success Insider, with the sole aim to provide transformative education. Helping the people who refuse to settle for being average or mediocre with the vital self-mastery skills that the traditional education system has failed to teach us. 

Today, Success Insider provides the most cutting-edge, results-driven personal development tools, tips, and insights - to help people achieve their fullest potential.

Trainer Credentials

  • Tim’s unique approach to success has enabled him to speak on stage after stage worldwide. Appearing at the Houses of Parliament, some of the world’s most prestigious universities, and even meeting the President of Ghana.
  • ​Regular interviews and collaborations with some of the most prominent leaders in the industry such as T Harv Eker, Grant Cardone, Tom Bilyeu, Neil Patel, Marisa Peer, Patrick Bet-David, Caleb Maddix, Julius Dein, Evan Carmichael, Alex Ikonn, Antonio Centeno, and many more!

Frequently Asked Questions


  I don’t even know where to start, is this still right for me?

Yes. In fact, joining the EBA Masterclass is probably the best business decision you could make. Inside you will receive a proven set of steps, walking you through the entire process of building a coaching and consultation business, from scratch. If you've never run a business before or are stuck in "analysis paralysis" you can break free and with the help of our team - start making real progress, today.

  I’m not tech savvy, will this still work for me?

Yes. Not only will you discover the specific tools and systems you need to implement in your business, many of the modules are highly detailed, which means you'll have screenshots and video training to follow, so you don't miss a thing. Designed to be as simple as possible for anyone to reach success in online coaching. You just need to get started.

  Will this work in my country?

Absolutely. Our students come from a wide and diverse group of people, from Asia to the United States and the U.K., as well as many, many countries in between. The coaching and mentoring system simply works, no matter where in the world you are starting your business. You just need to follow the steps.

  Will it take a lot of time to do this? Can I do this with my current full-time job?

If there's one commodity you can never get enough of, it's time. You’ve already got commitments in your life, from your family to your health and even your current job. The entire course is available online, with downloads and swipe files so you can quickly and easily discover the content, whether you're listening on a commute or getting in a little learning on your lunch break. Invest a few hours a week, and you will see dramatic results.

  How do my clients get results?

Throughout the program you will enjoy the full support of Tim Han, and the rest of the EBA community, to ensure you're fully supported with any particular question or struggle you're facing as you build your coaching business. Tapping into your existing skills, experience, and passion for creating a product your target customers want, and you’ll learn how to sell it to them effectively. 

  How is this program different from others?

Unlike most programs which are incomplete and require you to buy more courses to complete the "puzzle," this is a complete and proven system. The effectiveness of the program has been proven time and time again from hundreds of successful graduates, using a blueprint that was refined and developed as Success Insider was built. The system works, and best of all, you have an active community you can lean on for support and additional guidance as you're creating your own coaching business.

  Will the EBA program ever be updated?

When you enroll today, you enjoy lifetime access to the EBA program. You can access the lessons whenever you like, and all future updates are available for you at no extra charge. You can refresh and review the program as much as you like. Our team updates the program at least twice a year with the latest content, to ensure you are always getting the very best guidance and advice on your journey to success.

  Can I access this program on my iPhone?

Yes. The EBA program is accessible online via your web browser on any laptop, computer, tablet, or smartphone. It works perfectly on mobile! 

  How can I trust Tim Han and Success Insider?

Success Insider is known for world-class customer service and is a highly reputable company with a global following of over half a million people on social media. Through their content they’ve made a positive impact on over 35 million people around the world. 

Feel free to Google or YouTube the company to see what others have said, and remember the strong guarantee on the program. You've got 30 days to work through the modules, and if you're not satisfied with the results you can get a refund covering 100% of your investment. 

That's our promise to you.


Experts Business Accelerator™ (EBA) Program

*If you miss out on applying today, you may not get this chance again
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