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Discover the Proven System to Turn Your Knowledge and Passion Into a Wildly Profitable Online Coaching or Consulting Business
Get expert mentorship to break free from your 9-5 and start living the life you know you deserve. With a roadmap for success and step-by-step guidance, don't waste another minute to start doubling down on your passion and building your own online business. Let me help you take the first step today…
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Do You Ever Feel Like You're NOT Living the Life You Were Born to Live?
What's your first thought as the alarm sounds on a Monday morning?

Be honest with me…

Because if you're like most people, it isn't supreme joy.

In fact, most people are struggling and unhappier than they care to admit.

Somewhere along the line, their life veered off-track.

Successful only at a quick glance, they're actually trapped.

Stuck in a demanding and stressful  job.

Without control over their hours, tasks or even when they can take leave.

Sacrificing their health and time with their families as they make someone else rich.

With all the trappings of "success," they're just not living a rich life.

Sound familiar?
It doesn't have to stay this way…
In fact, I'll bet you've been dreaming of starting our own online business for years.

Seeing the profits rolling in as you share your advice, expertise and knowledge online. 

But something has been holding you back.

Perhaps you just didn't know what to do or were overwhelmed by it all.

Perhaps you weren't sure what to sell, or lacked the confidence to sell it yourself. 

Perhaps you lacked vision and clarity and were distracted along the way.

Or perhaps you did have the gumption to start but failed before getting off the ground.

Let me tell you this right now.

With the right program, your coaching business can be up and running in just 7 short weeks.

Leveraging your specialized talents and abilities into a business that works for you. 

Putting you on track to hit revenue levels that take years to achieve in a corporate job.

Imagine the kind of change this would create in your life.
You deserve more out of your life...
Do any of these statements ring true for you?

You're itching to become your own boss to focus on the work that brings you joy.

You’re wanting to share your knowledge and experience with an eager audience.

You're craving an actual calling in your life that's both passion and purpose-driven.

You're excited to travel the world with a business and the freedom you desire.

I want to be the first to tell you…
You can achieve all of this and more...

You deserve the chance to break free of your cubicle and soul-crushing 9 to 5 job.

You deserve the opportunity to make your fortune doing what truly inspires you.

You deserve the privilege of working with people who actually appreciate you.

Because you only live once.

And you truly deserve the freedom to spend your time…

Doing what you love, with the people you love most.

Which is where the Experts Business Accelerator (EBA) comes in.

It's your roadmap to create a wildly successful coaching business.

Giving you a platform to share your message and the ability to change people’s lives. 
Inside the EBA you will discover…
Exclusive access to the blueprint that drives my online coaching business, with proven and complete steps teaching you how to turn your passion into a revenue-generating machine.

Demonstrated tactics, techniques and plans to help eliminate any overwhelm, stress and confusion you may have as we put you on the fast-track to success in your business.

Your personal accountability partner who will ensure you not only remain consistent as we build your business but help push you through things you previously thought impossible.

I've created what's arguably the best resource for building a wildly successful coaching business, that you don't need to do alone. I'll have your back every step of the way.
Here's What Your 7 Week Breakthrough Mentorship With Me Looks Like:

 WEEK 1: How to Find Your Perfect Dream Customers & Build Your Dream Business

Find Customers Who Are Looking For You:  How to find your "dream clients" who are more than willing to pay $2,000 to $4,000 from day one, even if you're new or lacking experience.

Get Instant Clarity: We'll work together to ensure you're not only confident in your abilities, but you're sure the clients you're targeting are perfectly matched to your unique skills, expertise, and product offer.

Create a Smart Business Plan: Setting a crystal-clear vision for the future of your business, and put you on a path to start actually moving forward.

 WEEK 2: How to Reach Your Dream Customers for FREE Using Social Media

Master social media: Learn the approach you need on key social networks to not only support your personal branding but also attract your first paying clients.

Save time with winning templates: Don't waste time re-inventing the wheel, I'll help you understand what you need to be posting to build relationships and make sales.

Sneak-peek into what actually works: Discover the exact steps I've used to generate 10 million views on Facebook and 30 million views on YouTube for FREE.

 WEEK 3: How to Package Your Offer & Sell for High Prices Online

Become a relationship-based seller: Learn how to position and talk to prospects to close more deals without being pushy or using underhanded sales tactics.

Communicate with the right timing: How to create moments of opportunity to introduce your coaching program, and explain it, even if you're terrible at selling.

Make money a non-issue:  Get comfortable talking about money and your fees, so you're confident, no matter how high your prices are.

Scripts done for you:  See the exact scripts used to generate 6 figures in my business, with every question you should be asking a potential client (super POWERFUL).

 WEEK 4: How to Easily Build Your 6 Figure Website & Automation System 

Create your website in a week. Step-by-step instructions to help you write, set up and get your website operational as fast as possible, even if you're not technically minded. 

You'll have your site live in under 7 days: Generate recurring digital sales. I'll show you how to attract your dream clients to your website, with the funnels and conversion strategies that will generate an income for you while you're sleeping, or still chained to your 9 to 5 job.

 WEEK 5: How to Rapidly Grow Your Income Using Facebook Ads

Facebook ads explained and simplified. Take your social media domination to a new level with a strategy for scaling with Facebook ads. (We've generated over $1.9 million in different markets using this method and will show you every step of the process).

Consistent lead generation tactics. Specific strategies you can implement to drive a constant flow of potential dream clients every month of the year.

Clear vision and goal setting. So, you know exactly what you need to do to make the level of income you want to achieve, every month. 

 WEEK 6: How to Build Your Ultimate Course and Generate Cashflow for Life

Creating customer champions. The power of setting clear expectations with your clients, the right way to manage the relationship, and what you need to do to ensure you always deliver fantastic service.

Locking in your long-term revenue. Discover the "H2H" up-serving method which ensures your current clients will be happily paying you for many years to come.

Regain control of your life. Strategies to restructure and redefine your business, so you're not stuck "working" every day, for the rest of your life.

 WEEK 7: How to Predictability Scale Your Business to 6 Figures and Beyond Using Webinars

This is one of the MOST important classes in the program: As you'll discover the proven blueprint to scale your business with predictability using systems, automation and scientific metrics.

Certification Ceremony: Provided you pass the final test, you'll be certified as an expert online marketer for coaches & consultants. Leaving you with one of the most in-demand skills in the world.
Plus, When You Join Right Now, You’ll Also Get These Amazing FREE Bonuses...
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FREE BONUS #1: LIFETIME Membership to the EBA Online Mastermind Group

Join a private and highly-active online group to help you stay accountable and give you feedback on every step of your journey. Available 24/7 this is the entrepreneurial group you've been missing, the most ambitious and supportive people on the planet.

 FREE BONUS #2: LIFETIME Access to the EBA Modules With FREE Modules Updates

I've invested upwards of $100,000 in online education (and continue to every year) in order to stay ahead of everyone. You get to leverage my time and money invested as I'll be regularly updating the modules to include the latest hacks and tactics!

 FREE BONUS #3: 1 Year of LIVE Weekly Group Coaching Sessions With Tim Han

This is normally something that's sold seperately on our website but we'll be including this as part of EBA when you take action today. You'll get 12 months of group coaching and accountability where you'll get the chance to ask me anything and gain instant clarity and momentum!
The Experts Business Accelerator™ Program 
*Class is starting soon. Once you miss this chance, there is no guarantee you’ll get this opportunity again. 
Here's What Others Had to Say
Making $100,000+ Per Month for the Last 3 Months!
"...Using the growth hacking strategies Tim taught me I went from 0 subscriber rate to 173,000 subscriber rate on Youtube and millions upon millions of views. Tim is the real deal, he'll share with you the latest growth hacking strategies"
"...I spent 6 months chasing a hard-to-get client but once I discovered Tim's strategies and tactics I was able to get the deal closed within 3 days!"
"...After months of struggling in my business. Everything changed for me when I saw Tim speaking on a stage and deciding to join his program. Within 5 days of following Tim's tactics I made over $25,000 on my website!"

 You get a FULL 60 days to try the Experts Business Accelerator.
If you're not completely satisfied with your results, e-mail me (
Show me you've done the work, and I will refund 100% of your investment.
Because I know the program works.
It's worked for me.
It's worked for hundreds of students all over the world.
If you follow the steps, take action and make progress…
You will be a success.
And I'll be sharing your story here, right alongside all of the other successes.
You're One Decision Away From a Totally Different Life...
It's time to take a chance on yourself…
My cards are already on the table.
The choice now falls to you.
You know precisely what you're going to get with the EBA Masterclass.
You even know it's utterly risk-free with my personal guarantee.
You just need to take a chance on yourself.
Take a step towards achieving the life you know you deserve.

Tap into what it is you were really put on this Earth to achieve. 
Grab the opportunity that's knocking at your door.
To break free of the corporate life that's draining your very soul.
All you need to do is join.
With me at your side, let's build you a winning coaching business.
*Class is starting soon. Once you miss this chance, there is no guarantee you’ll get this opportunity again. 
Frequently Asked Questions
I don’t even know where to start, is this still right for me?
Yes. In fact, joining the EBA Masterclass is probably the best business decision you could make. Inside you will receive a proven set of steps, walking you through the entire process of building a coaching and consultation business, from scratch. If you've never run a business before or are stuck in "analysis paralysis" you can break free and start making real progress, today. With my help.
I’m not tech savvy, will this still work for me?
Yes. Not only will I detail the specific tools and systems you need to implement in your business, many of the modules are highly detailed, which means you'll have screenshots and video training to follow, so you don't miss a thing. I've made it as simple as possible for anyone to recreate my success in online coaching. You just need to get started.
Will this work in my country?
Absolutely. I've coached and mentored hundreds of people across the globe, from Asia to the United States and the U.K., as well as many many countries in between. The system works, no matter where in the world you are. You just need to follow the steps.
Will it take a lot of time to do this? Can I do this with my current full-time job?
If there's one commodity you can never get enough of, it's time. I understand you've got commitments in your life, from your family to your health and even your current job. The entire course is available online, with downloads and swipe files so you can quickly and easily discover the content, whether you're listening on a commute or getting in a little learning on your lunch break. Invest a few hours a week, and you will see dramatic results.
How do I help my clients get results?
Throughout the program I will be there, along with the rest of the EBA community, to ensure you're fully supported with any particular question or struggle you're facing as you build your coaching business. We'll help you to tap into your own skills, experience, and passion for creating a product your target customers want, and show you how to sell it to them effectively. 
How is this program different from others?
Unlike most programs which is incomplete and requires you to buy more courses to complete the "puzzle", this is a complete proven system. Not only have we proven the effectiveness of the program, time and time again from hundreds of successful graduates, but I have also used these same steps in my business. The system works, and best of all, you have an active community you can lean on for support and additional guidance as you're creating your own coaching business.
How can I trust Tim Han and Success Insider?
Feel free to Google and Youtube us and remember I also personally guarantee the program. You've got 60 days to work through the modules and if you're not satisfied with the results simply send us your completed work and I'll refund you 100% of your investment. That's my promise to you.
And of course, if you have any other questions, you can reach out to me on

Can I decide at a later date as I'm a little unsure? 
The class is starting soon, meaning once you miss this chance, there is NO guarantee you'll get this opportunity ever again.

So remember that right now the REAL decision you are making isn’t whether or not you want to join EBA, that’s really irrelevant....
The REAL decision you're making today is whether, or not, you are ready to commit to creating the life of freedom or abundance, or whether, or not, you want to continue... being underpaid and be stuck in a job you hate.

The choice is yours. 
The Experts Business Accelerator™ Certification Program 
*Class is starting soon. Once you miss this chance, there is no guarantee you’ll get this opportunity again. 
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